Short Sales

Facing Foreclosure?

Need help with Short Sale Negotiations? We can help!

Our office represents clients during the short sale process.

We handle short sales from start to finish, or any part in between including:

  • Prepare documents, review Foreclosures & Short Salescontracts and foreclosure documents.
  • Assist with negotiations with lenders.
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Perform title searches to insure all liens are negotiated up front and to prevent closing delays.

All short sales are NOT the same.


A North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Broker can not negotiate a Short Sale once a Foreclosure action is filled, after that time it is considered the unauthorized practice of law.

A Real Estate Broker can only negotiate the price, submit offers and counteroffers otherwise it is unauthorized practice of law.

The North Carolina Attorney General is starting to take action against any non lawyer who is practicing law with out a license as it relates to Short Sales.

Many consumers have been injured and many realtors have been held liable for damages in short sales where such things as deficiencies and tax consequences were not properly negotiated.

Avoid liability and license violations – let us negotiate your short sales. You will have a satisfied client and no stress!




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