Guardian for Incompetent AdultIt is heartbreaking to see signs that an adult loved one may no longer be able to take care of him- or herself.   These signs indicate the incapacity to manage one’s own affairs or to make or communicate important decisions concerning one’s person, family, or property.  If your loved one has not previously appointed a substitute decision-maker via a durable power of attorney, then you may have to go through a guardianship proceeding in order to be appointed Guardian by the court.  Often, there also needs to be an incompetency hearing, which can be an embarrassing and unpleasant process for your loved one.

Perhaps you know of a child who has lost his or her parents and needs a Guardian appointed to take care of the child.  Sometimes, circumstances require that a Guardian of the Estate be appointed to manage only the financial affairs of a child, even if the child has a living parent.

Our firm can help you in these confusing and painful times.  We can guide you through the legal process.  We will help you ensure that your loved one is taken care of.

Guardian for Minor




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