Estate Planning

Last Will & TestamentMany people spend months planning for life events such as weddings and vacations, well in advance.  These events are joyous occasions and result in lasting memories.  However, far fewer people take the time to plan their estates in advance for their passing.  This event also leaves lasting memories for surviving loved ones.  Isn’t it better to make sure those memories are full of peaceful and harmony?

Estate planning involves helping you arrange for the transfer of your assets at death and/or during your lifetime to the persons you desire to benefit, in the manner desired, while minimizing taxes and other costs.  It involves understanding your wishes and concerns, formulating a plan to carry out those wishes and address those concerns, drafting the necessary documents, and ensuring that your assets are properly titled and beneficiaries appropriately designated so that the plan is effectively implemented.

A well-conceived estate plan can be expected to accomplish some or all of the following:

  • Placing property in the right hands to fit the purpose
  • Protecting and preserving assets from waste
  • Minimizing adverse tax consequences
  • Protecting beneficiaries from themselves
  • Minimizing costs due to probate and administration


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