A Fool for a Client: Traffic Court

Traffic CTraffic Ticketsourt, like any legal proceeding can have dire consequences if handled improperly. For example, if you ask for a PJC when a family member besides yourself has had one in the last three years, both the suspended and the current tickets could activate points causing a significant increase in your insurance rates. Many people do not understand that there are two point systems in North Carolina; the DMV point system and the insurance point system als
o referred to as Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP).


Most drivers, whether or not they know it, are concerned about the insurance point system because insurance points can increase instance rates. For example, a conviction of Illegal Passing can carry a penalty of two insurance points or an increase in your insurance rates of up to 45% for the following three years. A DUI can increase your rates by 340% for the following three years.


Defending a traffic ticket, or mitigating the consequences, requires a thorough understanding of both the DMV and insurance point system as each can have serious effects on your insurance rates, or even you driving privileges. It also requires an experienced familiarity with the many different defensive strategies and their potential outcomes. You wouldn’t drill your own cavities to save money, so why defend yourself in traffic matters? In the end, the knowing experience of a seasoned traffic court attorney will prevent you from falling into common traps and probably save you significant money in the long run.


Let Russell & Associates handle your traffic ticket for you. In many cases, you will not even have to go to court. Once you enter a plea, you are not easily able to change that plea even though you thought that you were doing the right thing. Our team of experienced attorneys are well versed in the area of traffic law and can help to protect your rights as well as your wallet.


Rick M. Davis

Attorney at Law

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